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This is what T A Lisman has to say about him.

The Blues According to Sicknote Steve: To audiences in the West Country and South of Wales, the familiar bearded figure of hobo bluesman Sicknote Steve has become synonymous with a great session of the Blues.

Now appearing further afield with gigs around the country and bringing with him the music of Grammy Award winning Seasick Steve, blues fans are asking just who is Sicknote Steve?

“I started out playing playing drums in a local rock band in 1968. The bass player was a blues nut and soon turned on legends such as Son House, Skip James, Fred McDowell , Bukka White and of course Mr Johnson.” Inspired by Dylan’s version of House of the Rising Sun from his first album, Steve taught himself basic folk guitar and started hanging out at folk/blues sessions around Cardiff and Rhondda.

“In 1972 I headed for London and played some jams at the Marquee and did some busking.” But not all went smoothly and like so many young people attracted to the city, Steve learned the hard way. “I got robbed and ended up with the tramps on the Embankment and on park benches.” Bet even through the lean times, his musical education continued. “I found a job road sweeping the streets around Victoria Station and qualified for a bed in the Church Army hostel, which was home to more than fifty guys and musicians chasing the dream in the single dormitory, so nobody had much sleep."

But Steve’s drumming skills proved a lifeline. “I met a band in the Elephant and Castle who needed a stick-man for a tour of the UK Universities. We hit the road for two months in an old American yellow schoolbus”. But on his return to London he discovered he had lost his bed in the hostel and was back on the streets. “I was at a really low point so retreated back to stay with granny in Cardiff”. This was when he met famed rock and roll pianist Dave Williams and started playing gigs at a weekly spot in the legendary New Moon Club in the City’s Hayes.

You Tube Video of Sicknote Steve - Don't Know Why She Love Me But She Do