The birth or arrival of a child into a family is a momentous occasion. One that is celebrated with great joy and love. If you are shopping for baby hampers, you should be shopping at Milly & Henry. The family owned business was founded by Teresa and her daughters, Caitlin and Tiffany. The family has a background in fashion and also has a strong foothold in the hamper industry. And thus, it is no surprise that the baby hampers offered at Milly & Henry are one of a kind.

Shopping for Milly & Henry Baby Hampers

The Milly & Henry baby hamper store offers a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience. One can shop for products by the recipient. The store offers a special selection for girls, boys and for twins. If you do not wish to buy gifts based on gender, you could opt for unisex hampers.
To streamline the shopping process, the store offers customers the opportunity to choose products based on their budget. Each hamper comes packaged in an elegant Milly & Henry bucket that can be personalised to carry the child’s name and date of birth. A personalised bottle of sparkling wine can also be added to the purchase.
Typically a baby hamper would contain a bodysuit, a matching bib, a soft cotton wrap, a toy and a soft toy such as an adorable rabbit or a teddy bear. The toys and accessories in the hampers do vary, and so, it is a good idea to consider a few hampers before you make a choice. Rattles, maraca, pram clips and baby socks are some of the other products that may be included in the hamper.

Something Special for Mums

When shopping for baby hampers, you should also consider the celebratory collection of hampers that the brand offers for mums. These have been created with the sole purpose of pampering the new mum. Based on the budget, the package may include a nice bottle of wine, fragrant candles and body care products. You may also find the Mummy and Me hamper of interest. This collection includes gifts for both the mother and the baby.

Heirloom and More

If you are looking for a gift that is extra special, do consider the knitwear section of the store. Products offered here are knitted with the finest wool available, and in beautiful patterns. You can shop for blankets, booties, hats and bonnets. The products will be delivered packaged in the brand’s signature gift boxes. If you wish to add a little extra for a sibling or for the family, the ‘Extras’ section of the store is quite delightful. Milly & Henry offers unique payment options that help customers buy just the products they wish to gift their loved ones, without worrying about the bill.